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Tuesday, 3rd October 2017

National Drug Authority (NDA) is mandated to ensure the availability, at all times, of essential, efficacious and cost-effective human and veterinary drugs and other health care products to the entire population of Uganda and to encourage research and development of herbal medicines. In line with this mandate, NDA would like to take this opportunity to guide the general public with regards to research, manufacture, distribution and sale of herbal products in Uganda

  • Herbal medicines  can be used as self-care or for treatment where there is proven efficacy and substantiated evidence of use.

  • All herbal medicinal products need to be notifi ed with NDA before they can be commercialized through distribution, promotion or advertisement. The list of notifi ed herbal medicines can be accessed from the NDA drug register available on the NDA website:

  •  Pharmacies and drug shops are not authorized to stock herbal medicines that are not notified with NDA.

  • All premises manufacturing and engaged in the sale of herbal medicines must be inspected by NDA and issued with a certificate of suitability of premises

  • All adverts relating to drugs including herbals must be authorized by NDA before broadcasting and only adverts relating to notifi ed herbal products can be approved for airing

Surveillance of media is continuing and the public is hereby encouraged to forward complaints related to irrational medicines (herbal drugs) advertisement to:

National Drug Authority is committed to seeing a Uganda with safe, effective quality medicines and health care products.