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6th Authority delivers on its pledge to strengthening fight against substandard products

Wednesday, 27th September 2017


 National Drug Authority (NDA) feels greatly privileged and esteemed to gather you here this morning and demonstrate to the population that we mean business of providing maximum support to staff so that the Authority delivers on its mandate of ensuring that safe,efficacious, quality and cost effective drugs are available to the entire population of Uganda.


During the sixth Authority Members' inauguration in February 2017, by the Minister of Health, as Chairperson among others pledged to strengthen NDA's capacity to mitigate substandard, falsified and counterfeit medicines (human and veterinary), and acaricides in all regions of the country.


Medicines that are substandard, falsified and counterfeits negatively affects the quality health service delivery to the population and must be prevented. As the Authority Chair, I am happy to commission 15 pick-ups worthy Uganda shillings 2.5 billion that have been procured to execute on NDA's mandate of protecting the public from ineffective medicines and unscrupulous/quack drug outlet operators.

Uganda has a high disease burden;therefore, medicines remain one of the most critical inputs for the government of Uganda to deliver quality health services to its population, and should not be over burdened with unscrupulous operators yet there are feasible means of prevent them.


The vehicles will reinforce the Authority's operations a step further, in easing quick, and timely response in executing its business.  It will enable Inspectors of Drugs to traverse the country's terrain to reach all drug outlets, and also apprehending unscrupulous operators.


I can assure the population that these vehicles will be deployed in accordance to the Authority's activities,which will also enhance a sense of belonging, prestige and pride not only for the population but NDA as a brand.

To the public is our eyes and ears on the ground, therefore, building confidence among the population by making them understand and appreciate NDA's role will enhance our operations in ridding the country of wrong elements in the pharmaceutical sector.

It is important to note that we all have a responsibility of being our sisters/brothers keepers to protect the vulnerable public, who often do not have the knowledge or the choice to avoid exposure to falsified medical products and quacks. We as the population's trustees that have access to this knowledge will continue to provide the population with information, choices and solutions to those challenges.

The general public is urged to be vigilant by reporting wrong elements in the pharmaceutical sector, if we are to control substandard and counterfeit medicines on our market.

I wish to extend our appreciation and thanks to the Government, Ministry of Health, Authority members, and all staff of NDA. Special thanks go to the media that keeps us on our toes to deliver, and have worked tirelessly by showing the public what we have achieved over the period.


NDA will continue working hard to achieve its mandate.