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NDA gets new Board

Friday, 10th February 2017

NDA gets new Board

The Minister of Health Hon. Dr. Jane-Ruth Aceng, appointed Dr. Bitekyerezo K. Medard as Chairperson of the sixth National Drug Authority (NDA) Board. In his acceptance speech during at the inauguration ceremony held on 9th February 2017, Dr. Bitekyerezo thanked the Minister of Health and her fellow cabinet Ministers for entrusting him and Authority members with the great task of overseeing NDA functionality.

To gain the momentum needed to advance the goals of NDA and remain on the fore front of ensuring a Uganda with safe, effective and quality medicines and health care products, the Chairperson and the Authority members pledged to deliver on the following during their 3 years of tenure in office.

  • Promote core values to uphold the dignity of NDA and the respect the Chair enjoys throughout the country and most importantly the pharmaceutical, veterinary, medical fraternity and the end users of medicines.

  • Promote importation of highly efficacious drugs at affordable prices from excellent quality manufacturers.

  • Strengthen NDA capacity to detect and minimize counterfeits through some porous borders.

  • Promote licensing of competent pharmacies that comply with NDA regulations and guidelines but not mere traders.

  • Support vigilance in drug inspection by active, competent and highly professional inspectors in all regions of the country.

  • Strengthen NDA veterinary section so that the present challenge of tick resistance is overcome.

  • Lobby for the fast tracking and enactment of the National Food and Medicine Authority Bill 2017 into Law in close collaboration with Ministry of Health and Parliament.

He thanked the previous Board under the stewardship of Dr. Sam Zaramba for the job done during their tenure. Pledging support to the secretariat staff, the Chairperson said we have not come to put you under tension but to provide maximum support so that NDA achieves its main policy of ensuring that essential, safe, efficacious and cost effective drugs are available to the entire population of Uganda.

I look forward to working harmoniously with my fellow Authority members, collectively they are an incredible cross-section of knowledge and expertise, said the Chairperson.

Dr. Bitekyerezo K. Medard served as Deputy Chair HIV/AIDS Committee and later Chair Health Committee in the ninth parliament of Uganda. He also practiced medicine in the department of Internal Medicine, Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

The following are the 6th Authority members.

1.   Dr. Bitekyerezo K. Medard - Chairman 

2.   Brig. (Dr) Ambrose K. Musinguzi - Chief of Medical Services, Ministry of Defense

3.   Mr. Agaba Raymond - Commissioner Internal Trade, Min. of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives

4.   Dr. Mbabali Muhammad - Uganda Dental Association

5.   Dr. Sekagya Yahaya Hills - Uganda Herbalists 

6.   Dr. Pakoyo Kamba Fadhiru - School of Pharmacy

7.   Dr. Namaala Hanifa Sengendo - Public Representative

8.   Mr. Kimbowa Sembatya Yusuf - Public Representative

9.   Dr. Christine Ondoa - Uganda AIDS Commission

10. Dr. Bildard Baguma - Joint Medical Store

11. Dr. Sylvia Baluka Angubua - Uganda Veterinary Association

12. Dr. Edward Kasirye Bainda - Uganda Medical Association

13. Mr. Kamabare Moses - National Medical Stores

14. Dr. Baterana B. Byarugaba - Mulago National Referral Hospital

15. Prof. Anthony Kabanza Mbonye - Director General Health Services, Ministry of Health

16. Mr. Morris Seru - Commissioner Health Services (Pharmacy) Ministry of Health

17. Dr. Grace Nambatya Kyeyune - Natural Chemotherapeutic Research Laboratory

18. Ms. Grace Akullo - Criminal Investigation Department

19. Dr. Rose Ademun Okurut - Commissioner of Veterinary Services, MAAIF

The composition of the Drug Authority is prescribed under Section 3(2) of the Act to consist of the Chairperson and the following other persons:

  • the Director of Medical Services;
  • the Commissioner for Veterinary Services;
  • the Commissioner for Trade;
  • the Director, Criminal Investigation Department;
  • the Chief of Medical Services, Ministry of Defence;
  • the Chief of Pharmaceuticals and Health Supplies;
  • the Head of the Natural Chemotherapeutics Laboratory;
  • the Director, Mulago Hospital;

A representative of each of the following:

  • the National Medical Stores;
  • the Uganda Medical Association;
  • the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda;
  • the Uganda Veterinary Association;
  • the Head of the School of Pharmacy, Makerere University;
  • the Uganda Herbalists;
  • the Uganda Dental Association;
  • the Joint Medical Store;
  • the Director General of the Uganda AIDS Commission;
  • two other persons appointed from the public.