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NDA Chairman's Inaugural statement

Friday, 10th February 2017

NDA Chairman's Inaugural statement

I take this great honour to welcome you to this inaugural ceremony of the new members of the 6th National Drug Authority Board. I congratulate you whole heartedly the new members upon nomination among many Ugandans to the NDA and I would also like to thank God for causing this to happen. I do not take this for granted.

I would like to thank in particular the Hon Minister of Health and her fellow Cabinet ministers for entrusting us with this great task of overseeing functionality of National Drug Authority. I will always be indebted  to you madam and I have no doubt in my mind that this team will not let you down but instead will do a great job.

I would like to thank the previous Board under the stewardship of Dr. Sam Zaramba for the work done during their tenure of office and I believe Donna enjoyed the support of this team.

I am thankful to you Madam Donna Kusemererwa and your team for what you have so far implemented at NDA. We have have not come to put you under tension but we have come to give you maximum support so that NDA achieves its main policy of ensuring that essential, safe, efficacious and cost effective drugs are made available to the entire population of Uganda.

With the experience I got from the 9th parliament as Deputy Chair HIV/AIDS committee and later Chair Health committee and with the experience I gained while and practicing medicine in the department of Internal medicine in a public University of Mbarara; I think I will be of value as chair of this Authority. I am incredibly conscious of the duties and tasks ahead and honour you have bestowed upon me Hon Minister.

Looking ahead as chair of the NDA

I hope I will promote core values of NDA and will endeavor to uphold the dignity of the office of chairman and the respect this chair enjoys throughout the country but most importantly the pharmaceutical. Veterinary, medical fraternity and the end users of the drugs.

All of you gathered here; I have 5 special interests over which I seek your support.

  • Promotion of importation of highly efficacious drugs at affordable prices from excellent quality drug manufacturers

  • Strengthening  of NDA capacity to detect and minimize counterfeit medicines through some porous borders

  • Promotion of Licensing of competent pharmacies that are regularly physically supervised by qualified Pharmacists but not mere traders

  • Promotion of vigilance in drug Inspection by active, competent and highly professional inspectors in all regions.

  • Strengthening the Veterinary section of NDA so that the present challenge of tick resistance is overcome.

  • Lobbying for the fast tracking enactment of NATIONAL FOOD AND MEDICINE AUTHORITY BILL 2017 into law in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and parliament.

Finally as chair, I look forward to working with Mrs Donna Kusemererwa, her dedicated management team and the entire staff to move NDA to greater heights.

I also look forward to working harmoniously with my fellow Board members, collectively they are an incredible cross-section of knowledge and expertise. They are your Board members.

I know I speak on their behalf when I commit to our collective dedication to gain the momentum needed to advance the goals of NDA and remain on the fore front of ensuring a 'Uganda with safe, effective and quality medicines and health care products'

I thank you
For God and my country

Bitekyerezo Medard (Dr)
Chairman NDA