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NDA approved over 222 million condoms used on the market

Monday, 30th January 2017

When did NDA start mandatory testing of condoms?

 Answer. NDA started testing consignments of condoms in 2004. Since then, the failure rate has drastically gone down to 3%, which signifies that the quality of all imported condoms has improved and is assured. 

What does NDA test for in the condom?

 Answer. NDA performs mandatory post-shipment laboratory testing of all imported condoms using internationally accepted standards in accordance with the ISO 4074 standards and World Health Organization 2010 specifications. 

All consignments of condoms imported into Uganda are tested to ensure that they are free from holes, are made of strong material (rubber) and are of the correct size in terms of length, width and thickness, before they are allowed to be distributed or sold to the public. 

How many condoms or batches has NDA released since the beginning of 2016?

 Answer. NDA released over 222,091,200 condoms for use on the market in 2016. These condoms are mainly under the government programs through the Ministry of Health are majorly funded by UNFPA, Global Fund and USAID. But if we are to add on those imported by the private sector then the number will be higher. In 2016, we did not experience batches failing test in our Laboratory.

In 2015, NDA received 149,495,712 condoms of which 25 batches failed and were destroyed.

How small or big is a batch of the said devices?

 Answer. Batch sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. And samples taken for testing will depend of manufactured batch size.  However, most of the batches tested have approximately 500,000 units or condoms.

How does NDA relate with the Ministry of Health on proper usage of the condoms by the population?

 Answer. As NDA continues to ensure that the quality of condoms in our country conform to national and international standards, the Ministry of Health has been vigilant in training the public on the correct use of condoms. If condoms are correctly used they are effective in preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies. NDA therefore wishes to advise the general public to be wary of unscrupulous and malicious business people in the country.

NDA remains committed to ensuring that only safe and quality condoms are available for use in Uganda.

What happens to those that fail the test?

 Answer. Devices that fail tests are unfit for human use hence are destroyed by incineration.