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Youth equipped with herbal medicines regulatory requirements

Friday, 27th April 2018

 Youth equipped with herbal medicines regulatory requirements

National Drug Authority (NDA) congratulates trainees that have successfully completed the herbal medicinal apprenticeship training.  The training organized by Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute in partnership with Uganda North American Youth Development Association was attended by 1023.

The training conducted by NDA for five days,  equipped participants with knowledge and skills on value addition, standardized methods, processing and formulation of natural products and herbal medicines. The training emphasis will address challenges herbalists face which include, correct identification, medicinal plants conservation, good processing/manufacturing practices of herbal medicines, packaging, quality control and ethical medicine promotion.

The training is in line with NDA Strategic Plan 2016-2021. The strategy  provides for strengthening systems in herbal medicines production, registration, pharmacovigilance and ethical medicines promotion, with the overall objective of encouraging research in herbal medicines, and commercialized herbal product.

The equipping of the participants with regulatory aspects, will build confidence in the population to appreciate ND's role in ridding Uganda of wrong elements in the herbal medicine sector.

 The general public is urged to be vigilant by reporting wrong elements in the pharmaceutical sector, if we are to control substandard and counterfeit herbal medicines in Uganda.