3th Steering Committee of the EAC MRH Programme held in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The programme is aimed at improving access to safe, efficacious and good quality essential medicines and to standardize approaches in medicines regulation in the region.
Panel discussion session with Chairpersons of Research Ethics Committee Chairpersons during ANREC
NDA had an engagement meeting with hospital pharmacists this afternoon. The meeting focused on strengthening relations towards improving patient care.
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NDA Mission
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Ticks and tick borne diseases killing cattle (cows) in western and central Uganda due to emergence of multi-acaricide resistant ticks

For the last six years, the country has been facing the challenge of ticks not responding to drugs aimed at killing them. Ticks cause diseases that kill the animals, reduce milk production curtail reproduction and growth of animals...Read more

Ectoparasiticides and the challenge of Tick resistance

National Drug Authority controls the manufacture, importation, distribution and use of both human and veterinary drugs in the country. The three main concerns of veterinary drug regulation are quality, safety and efficacy (effectiveness).....Read More