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Quality Control Department

Annette Ssenkindu - Ag. Head Drug Quality Control Laboratory

The Quality Control Department at the NationalDrug Quality Control Laboratory (NDQCL) conducts quality control testing ofsamples of medicines, medical devices and public health products (e.g. longlasting insecticides treated nets (LLINs).

Focus is put on strengthening the capacity ofthe laboratory to widen the range of samples tested and to establish facilitiesfor microbiological testing of drug samples.

Construction of an extension to NDQCL startedin October 2010.The first phase of the construction was completed and has provided  suitable and additional space for the testing of  medical devices, storage of chemicals and a controlled laboratory documentation centerThe second phase, currently on going, is the microbiological testing laboratory.

As part of the strategy to achieve international recognition, the medicines testing laboratory is WHO prequalified and the department in working towards achieving ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the medical device testing laboratory soon.