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NDA's Board consists of the chairperson and the following other persons:

  • the Director of Medical Services;
  • the Commissioner for Veterinary Services;
  • the Commissioner for Trade;
  • the Director, Criminal Investigation Department;
  • the Chief of Medical Services, Ministry of Defence;
  • the Chief of Pharmaceuticals and Health Supplies;
  • the Head of the Natural Chemotherapeutics Laboratory;
  • the Director, Mulago Hospital;

A representative of each of the following:

  • the National Medical Stores;
  • the Uganda Medical Association;
  • the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda;
  • the Uganda Veterinary Association;
  • the Head of the School of Pharmacy, Makerere University;
  • the Uganda Herbalists;
  • the Uganda Dental Association;
  • the Joint Medical Store;
  • the Director General of the Uganda AIDS Commission;
  • two other persons appointed from the public.