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Information Technology Unit

The key activity in IT Unit is the NDAMIS implementation project that is earmarked by EAC throughTradeMark East Africa (TMEA) with the following primary objectives

         1.  To implement a common information management system for medicines registration/regulation in each of the EAC Partner States' NMRAs which are linked-in all partner states and EAC Secretariat.

         2.  Common information management system for drug registration/regulation operational in all EAC Partner States' NMRAs and linked regionally by end of year 4 (2018)

NDA is taking the lead and our success means a lot to the entire EAC region. NDA's key achievements to note include;

  • Import Export module: interface with the Uganda National Electronic Single Window(UNeSW) was successfully implemented and launched on 4th November 2016 by the Hon. Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives this will not only enhance checks and balances between URA and NDA but also reduce clearance bureaucracies that affect medicine importers & exporters hence improving clearance time at NDA ports of entry offices.

  • Premise and Inspection Modules: All Premise applications w.e.f. 1st October 2016 are processed through the NDAMIS system by internal staff. We plan stakeholders trainings before end of year to enable clients apply at the comfort of their office desks and receive notifications regarding progress on their applications. This will reduce clients' visitation frequency to NDA offices thus saving more time to do their business.

  • GMP Module: GMP applications and activities have started being processed through the NDAMIS as of 1st November 2016.

  • Products module: This is in its final stages of implementation pending validation of the live register data set by the DAR department. This will translate into implementation of the import export module where all registered products shall be referenced before clearance. We expect this to be fully functional by 30th December 2016.

  • Infrastructure: all infrastructure requirements for supporting the system were funded by TMEA including purchase and installation of 2 new blade servers where the NDAMIS system was installed and hosted at NDA Server-room, Live domain registration for NDAMIS on the internet was concluded  (accessible  on,  plus LAN upgrade.

  • Security:We have implemented the very first NDA firewall to guard all NDA information resources from hackers, procured and implemented Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for securing information flowing to and from NDA especially clients applications and attachments.

  • Backup and Recovery: We are in final stages of implementing a hot-site disaster recovery site which will form basis for cloud backup with NITA-U a government body responsible for overseeing backup and DR solutions for government ministries and agencies in Uganda. This literally means that even when our servers at NDA get technical or natural catastrophes, we shall automatically get hooked onto the DR site and continue working normally until our servers are re-instated.

Other activities that IT unit has out shined range from provision of guidance to management on acquisition of several ICT gadgets and working tools for all staff, provision of a searchable register on the NDA website (, routine preventive maintenance of all ICT equipment, user training and support.

    Way Forward:

      Staff Training: We plan to continue training staff in small groups characterized by people involved in similar or related business process.


          Stakeholders Training: This has to happen in the shortest time possible. EAC will provide funding and a schedule is being discussed now.