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Veterinary Medicines


TheVeterinary Unit in the Department of Inspectorate Services is responsible for following the activities with specific emphasis on regulation of Veterinary Medicines:

a.      Regular timely inspection and licensing of premises and facilities dealing in importation, distribution and dispensing of Veterinary Medicines

b.     Collaboration with police and other law enforcement agencies to investigate suspected cases of illegal activities related to medicines importation, handling, distribution and use

c.      Collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industries and Fisheries (MAAIF) on policy issues, the Uganda Veterinary Board, Uganda Veterinary Association and other relevant institutions/partners when deemed necessary to fulfill NDA’s mandate

d.     Participation in the verification of Proforma invoices submitted for importation and exportation of medicines and to ensure compliance with registration and other requirements

e.     Participation in writing and/or reviewing of relevant guidelines, SOPs. Protocols and other documents for effective regulation of the veterinary medicines sector

f.       Sensitization of various stakeholders on the need to comply with the NDPA

g.      Coordination of regional and international harmonization initiatives

h.     Review technical correspondences and queries related to veterinary medicines regulation and advising on the appropriate response especially at inter-departmental level.