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Postinor2 Counterfeit Alert

Tuesday, 13th June 2017


This is to inform you that there is counterfeit Postinor2 circulating on the Ugandan market with the following details.  

1. Batch No. T62788B
manufacturing date: 02/2016
Expiry date: 02/2021

2. Batch No. T5934T
manufacturing date: 09/2015
Expiry date: 09/2020

Please note that there are genuine versions of Postinor2 on the market bearing the same batch numbers, manufacturing and expiring dates, which was legally imported by Healthcare Pharmacy.

Below are the distinguishing features:



 Secondary pack has 9 Golden ridges emanating from top right corner of the  box, which can be felt with touch Some versions of counterfeit have ridges  that can be felt, while the ridges of some cannot be felt by touch. 

 Some versions of counterfeit have ridges that can be felt, while the ridges of  some cannot be felt by touch.  


 The batch number embossed on the blister  pack excludes the last letter;

 e.g. T62788B - Secondary pack 
 T62788 - blister pack. 

 Note that "B" has been excluded on the primary pack

 The batch number on the printed or secondary pack is exactly the same as the  one embossed on the blister pack, without excluding the last letter for   example T62788B.  Secondary pack also has T62788B on the blister pack.

 Note that "B" has not been excluded on the blister pack.


 The space in the circular ring on the blister pack is clear without any powder  deposits.

  The circular ring on the blister pack appears misty, possibly due to deposits  of powder during packaging.


 The information leaflet is made out of soft paper material

  The information leaflet is made out of slightly hard paper material relative to  the one in the genuine product.


 The headings of various sections of information leaflet are bolded

  The heading of various sections of information leaflet are not bolded.

The above distinguishing features may not be easily identified.  You are therefore advised to contact NDA offices for further clarification if you find any suspicious product. 

All pharmacies are advised to exercise caution and vigilance while handling medicines and to report any illegal suppliers of medicine to NDA offices. You are further advised to buy medicines from only licensed suppliers.  The list of pharmacy outlets licensed by NDA are on the NDA website; 

Pharmacies which have the suspected counterfeit product are advised to hand over the products to NDA.  Any drug outlet found in possession of the counterfeit Postinor2 is liable to prosecution.