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The patients Solidarity Day (PSD)

Thursday, 10th December 2015

On December 05, 2015, patients from across the world celebrated Patient Solidarity Day (PSD). In Uganda PSD 2015 was celebrated on 10th December, 2015, at Zirobwe sub county Health Centre III in Luwero District. Stand with us to proclaim that healthcare is a right-without exception-which must be reflected at every level of healthcare. The Uganda Alliance of Patients Organizations (UAPO) in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health, National Drug Authority, Medical Access, The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) and other Healthcare stakeholders sponsored this annual event.

The event brings together patients, members of the community and partners including NGOs, Healthcare professionals, academic institutions, religious, political, local leaders, the private sector, Media and the general public .

The major aim of the event is to raise awareness of the critical role of meaningful patient’s involvement in Health care; speaking with one voice, regardless of diseases condition religion or nationality. It recognizes that all patients share common problems.

Joshua Wamboga,a board member at International Alliance of Patient’ Organizations said “we must Preserve Human Dignity of patients; Every person has the right to be treated with honor and respect. Patients and their families are often confused, anxious and frightened. At such times, they need an advocate to help navigate the unfamiliar healthcare system and facilitate communication among caregivers.

This may include interpreting tests, procedures and instructions from physicians in terms the patient can understand and follow. It also may be necessary for nurses to educate the patient on the need for tests and procedures, as well as to provide emotional and physical support during the process. Nurses are in a position to integrate all aspects of the patient’s care and ensure that concerns are addressed, standards of care are met and a positive outcome for the patient remains the goal of the healthcare team”