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New Pharmacy Outlets

Thursday, 9th February 2017

                                                                                PUBLIC NOTICE

                                                                        NEW PHARMACY OUTLETS

National Drug Authority (NDA) is mandated to ensure availability of efficacious and cost-effective drugs to the entire population of Uganda at all times, as a means of providing satisfactory health care and safeguarding the appropriate use of drugs.

NDA wishes to notify the public wishing to operate pharmacies in Uganda that:-

  • Detailed guidelines are available to anyone wishing to set up a wholesale or retail pharmacy.
  • All pharmacies must operate under direct supervision of a Pharmacists to ensure that medicines are of good quality, safe and effective.
  • Certain restrictions are in place on the siting of new pharmacies to ensure that all pharmacies comply with the law and provide a high quality service to all people accessing care from them.

Therefore it is advisable for all potential pharmacy owners to contact NDA prior to making any investments